This business strategies if applied correctly would allow everyone the same opportunity to progress economically though a simple procedure that is commensurate to everyone’s capability. This would allow the world population to earn a set monetary value. Our value (the American Dollar) would be paid through the digital monetary system and can be converted into any other currency as not to interfere with any one country’s currency. Our business structure contains a variety of membership fees each with distinct benefits fashioned with the intent to allow most of the world population the same opportunity to progress economically regardless of their status or background giving everyone the same opportunity to earn enough to become future potential buyers. This allows companies to benefit by advertising and selling more products through one source (ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL) to more people with the capability to buy more products and services. Companies will be able to give deeper discounts on products and services without having to surreptitiously acquire people’s personal data to advertise to them. This program if applied correctly becomes an infinite source of perpetual residual monthly income by applying a simple business strategy to the Aljovoc membership fee. This is the American dream at your doorstep in any part of the world you live in. Let me reiterate, this is made possible by allowing everyone to earn the same monetary value (The American Dollar) in every part of the world you may live in without migrating into any other country. We provide a business program that is commensurate to everyone’s capability through social networking. This commercial enterprise will allow anyone worldwide who wants to participate to earn the value of the American dollar for performing a simple task (enlisting new members into the Aljovoc International Membership Club) from the privacy of their own home in any part of the world they may live in. To this day no one in the world has figured out how a major part of the world population can work from home with $1 and augment that $1 into hundreds or even thousands of dollars within a short period of time as 6 months to a year. In the past, no one has cared about the less fortunate. Companies only target income levels to sell their products and services. We have millions of people that go to bed hungry at night, homeless, or dying due to lack of medical care. There are over 44 million here in America alone and this is the richest country in the world. This survey is per the McKinney Institute. I believe my business enterprise will lead to efficient and lasting solutions. I contrived this business structure with the concept of giving those people worldwide who need the most support and opportunity to create their own cohesive plan to battle poverty and achieve success. It will enable those that need it the most to celebrate life without going to bed hungry at night for lack of economic resources.

Will my program work? Yes, because it is just simplicity combined with organized common sense. Years ago a man walked into a bank trying to get a loan and an irate banker told him to get out of his office and to take that toy with him. That man was Abraham Graham Bell, that toy was the telephone. Today we know who the bigger fool was, but can you imagine how bizarre Abraham Graham Bell's idea sounded back then. My company you could say today is like the telephone in its initial stages. It might sound crazy like the invention of the telephone back then, but earning money online is the future. Aljovoc International does not just offer discounts on products and services but shows and gives everyone the opportunity to earn the value of the American dollar from the privacy of their own home in any part of the world they may live in. Albert Einstein said " If an idea at first does not sound crazy. It is not worth pursuing." How many of you think this sounds crazy. Become founders of Aljovoc International. There are over 8 billion people on earth and we all have wants and needs. And it takes money to fulfill most of those wants and needs. You can never have too much money nor can you ever have too much fun. Register as one of our founders now. I will register all new members that register without a sponsor under my founders. If you enlist 1000 new members at the bottom level. You will earn $125, but as everyone moves up to the top level (your income increases as they move up) you will earn $12,500 at the top level for the same 1000 members you registered at the bottom level, without you having to do anything. This is per month. Now do the math. How many new members out of the over 8 billon will register without sponsors. That alone is well worth your registration as one of our founders for such a pety amount. This may solve the problem of saving money for your children. Register them as founders of our company and let my business strategies do the rest. My business strategies may well be the panacea to numerous of our economic problems. It is not a pyramid. You will not be paid one cent from anyone else's enlisted members. Repeatition of commissions is what makes this work. You are not dependent on others to register members to get paid. There are over 8 billion people on earth. If only 3.5 billion are on the internet at your beck and call who do you think has a better chance of earning a lucrative income in the future? I can not promise I will make you a millionaire. I can only offer everyone the same opportunity. It will not take long for the slots to fill. Don't think about it to long we have limited founder slots. This company is in its initial stages and only you can make it a reality. Change your future. Register now as one of our founders. If we only register 1 billion new members out of the 8 billion in 5 years, that is $1 billion per monthly membership fees. Multiply that by 12 months. If only $11 billion is our net yearly profit, think of the returns you will receive as a founder. Percentages of return of our yearly net income for our founders. NET PROFIT MULTIPLIED BY PERCENTAGE LEVEL DIVIDED BY TOTAL FOUNDERS FOUNDER LEVELS:


#2) 2% FOR $60 "

#3) 3% FOR $80 "

#4) 4% FOR $100 "

#5) 7% FOR $150 "