My name is Mr. Aljovoc. This is in case there is any speculation as to whether this is another pyramid scheme out to take your money or whether such a unique business strategy that offers equal opportunity to everyone could exist. First, this is a unique business algorithm. It is a combination of business strategies that are presently being used out in the money market. It is a combination of observation, simplicity, and organized common sense. Yet, it is arcane to the naked eye. Aljovoc International is the only company with a novel structure that has ever dared to give everyone the same opportunity to work from home, at the same time 24/7, regardless of where you live, performing the same task, and paid the same monetary value. 

I can bore you with covid-19, the reality of the stock market, prices, percentages, quantities, pay scale levels and the reality of the digital monetary system. All these things are real. These things are taking place every day around us. Many of us do not even give it a second thought. We do not care about how all these things affect us until it hurts our bank account, or we miss out on making a great profit, or the reality of death hits us at home. So, let me be real with you about money.

To those of you that are lucky enough to have a job limited to an hourly wage, this may seem like just another fly-by-night company trying to take your money. But, to those around the world that have never been offered an opportunity to progress economically, this is a good fortune heaven-sent answer to their prayers. Aljovoc International is the only company that offers a worldwide equal economic opportunity to progress regardless of who you are male or female, rich or poor, age, religion, educational background, or political status, etc. We will succeed because Aljovoc International provides the same opportunity to everyone that wants to progress economically , especially the ones that need it the most throughout the world, not just those who can afford it.

We give everyone the opportunity to earn the value of the American dollar in any part of world they may reside. This is the American dream for those in other countries without having to migrate to America. We do this by offering an affordable membership that allows you to earn a lucrative monthly income online (all you must do is enlist new members into our membership club and we will pay you a commission for each new member you enlist and a commission everytime they renew their membership every month). This algorithmic program when applied to our company ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL will create a perpetual inheritable monthly income.

How many of you spend $1 on a lottery ticket at least once a month? Your chances of winning are one in millions. This lottery ticket fee only reserves you the right to dream how you would spend those millions if you won. One wins and millions lose. Yet, the losers still hope that they will be that lucky one that wins those millions next time. So, people continue to buy those lottery tickets every week hoping, praying, and dreaming that this time they will be that lucky winner. One dollar is the cost of the privilege to dream of your wildest fantasies as a millionaire.

ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL is about the reality of life. There are no losers here with ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL. I cannot promise that I will make you a millionaire overnight but, I will give everyone the opportunity to become one in time. Let us say that you do not become a millionaire but, you are persistent and determined to succeed and start earning 10 to 15 thousand dollars a month just sitting at home checking the status of your progress with ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL within 1 to 5 years. What other plans do you have to earn this kind of money as time creeps up on you? This is a word to those of you that are not business oriented and have no plans or even thought about the future. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Honestly, how do you picture yourself in 5 to 10 years? We are the ones washing dishes and waiting on tables at restaurants, cashiers at stores, diging ditches for companies like Google, and cleaning hotel rooms etc. if we are lucky enough to have a job, because we never think about putting our hard-earned money to work for us.

We do not have enough to make a big investment and if we did, we would spend it on something else. That is why we buy lottery tickets. This is how companies profit from our pain and suffering. We all need and want money regardless of the reason. There is a saying, “If you shoot for the stars, it is a lot easier to get to the moon.” In other words, always think big beyond your goal and you will find out that the problems at hand are a lot easier to handle than you think. It took Amazon around 10 years to become the gigantic company that it is today. It will not take that long for ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL to do the same. People are more aware of the power of the internet today then they were before. Amazon knew that the internet automatically put a catalog in every home. This made it possible for anyone to order products and services online. Today that same internet puts a working office in every home. All you have to do is put it to use.

ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL offers worldwide opportunity to earn the value of the American dollar in any part of the world you may live in without migrating to America, paid thru the digital monetary system. That is why my business algorithm will work. It may not take off overnight, but we all need some form of compensation to buy the things we need and want. We want to earn American dollars not pennies, like in other countries that do not offer opportunity to progress. ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL is the only company that offers this worldwide favorable circumstance to the entire population of the world. The chance to earn the value of the American dollar by performing a simple task that is commensurate to everyone’s capability. All you have to do is recruit new members into our membership club. We will pay you a commission for every new member you enlist and everytime they renew their membership every month. There are over 8 billion people in the world. If only 10% register as members of ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL, there will be many new millionaires. Do you want to be one of them?

If you are one that fits into the category listed below, then you should consider very seriously not passing up this great opportunity of registering as a founder of this company. This is a great chance to change your life for a better tomorrow by progressing economically.

1.If you pass a lot of your time playing games on the internet and you have no ambition or care about being business oriented?

2.If you are just a critic with no solutions and never tries to even look for one?

3.If you are afraid of change and what the future will bring or do not care?

4.If you fail to see that innovation is hurling new ideas, services, products, methods etc. at us at a very accelerated pace?

5.If you use a debit card, credit card, or make money transactions on the internet and take it for grant it and you do not even realize you are using the digital money system every day?

6. If you only look at the trifle every day needs and fail to set a goal for the future? You do not have a plan as to where you want to be in the next 5 years. You do not know what you want? Nor do you have a plan to get there?

7.Fail to see that the world will run on one value not one currency. All controlled by the digital monetary system

8.Give up before even trying? If you always have an excuse for not even trying?

9.If you are one that failed to see the potential of Amazon and you did not invest in this company? You can not afford to pass up this event of great fortune that can change the way you live the rest of your life.

For those of you that are still in denial about the things that are going on around you affecting your life, I can only tell you that things are only going to get worse. Our governments are giving us hints today that we will eventually be forced to home confinement. Only the essential workers will be allowed to work and go out. Are you prepared to work at home to support yourself and family? What will you do to earn money from home? Whether we want to accept it or not, earning money online is the new trend society is adjusting to. Look around you. We are told that we are short of coins to give out change at stores. We are being forced to use the digital monetary system without us realizing it. I never thought that shopping online would have turned out to be so successful. Now malls are closing because a lot of stores are closing shop due to online shopping. Do not underestimate the power of the internet.

We will always have need for manual labor. The question is will you be one doing the physical work for others or do you want others to do things for you? There are over 8 billion people worldwide and we all have needs and wants. We all need money to fulfill those needs and wants regardless of where we live. There has never been a company that offers worldwide  opportunity to easily earn the value of the American dollar regardless of where you live. ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL is the only company that has ever dared to take on such a task. We are not here to take advantage of your pains and suffering. We are here to offer a solution to your economic problems. Alone we are one drop, but together we are an ocean and capable of accomplishing anything. Help me! Help you! alleviate those pains and sufferings. Register now as one of our founders and be one of the top contenders on the way to improve your quality of life. Do not pass up this once in a lifetime changing opportunity. Those of you that act now will be the ones that will have a greater chance of being more successful than others that will lose their time thinking about it.

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