Infectious disease outbreaks, are you prepared medically and economically? The question is not “if” we will have another outbreak of an infectious disease, rather when and where will it take place? Are you prepared both medically and economically? Do you have adequate insurance? (our administration stated that the govt. would pay for testing, but not for treatment.) Are you equipped to work from home and support yourself and your family in the event of another isolation? We have gotten through the Bird flu (avian influenza H5N1), Swine flu (influenza H1N1), Ebola virus and now we are facing the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

There is no better time for our company to evolve than the present. Amid this Corona Virus crisis, it will be a great economic relief to many of you. ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL gives you an opportunity to progress economically and may well be the panacea to numerous of our economic problems. It is the American dream for many thru out the world thus giving them the opportunity to earn the value of the American dollar from anywhere in the world, just by enrolling new members into our membership club. You don’t have to quit your present job nor change your daily routine. You can do this on your own time from anywhere in the world. You will earn a commission for each member you enroll into our membership club, the world’s largest membership club of future potential buyers.

Let me bring one thing to your attention. Every politician promises more jobs and more programs to help our citizens but, none have a solution to our government’s debt. No one has a plan to reverse our country’s debt. I believe it is over 20 trillion dollars now. If America falls into an economic depression the rest of the world will follow. The only solution to this problem is for its citizens to pay more taxes and to cut most of the programs that help the needy and our senior citizens. This is very politically unpopular. Our solution is to offer the citizens of the world an opportunity to progress economically (giving them a job that is commensurate to everyone’s capability). ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL offers this solution. Our company’s objective consists of constructing a membership club of worldwide qualified future potential buyers (people with money to spend), we will not only teach you how to earn money but, we give you the opportunity to do it by applying our MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING program to our company ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL combined with our unique business algorithm. You also have the option to apply this program to any other company of your choice.

Our product is a membership to a club that teaches its members our Multi-Level-Marketing Program. Giving our members the opportunity to earn a lucrative income by applying this program to our company. Our task is simple, to have our members recruit new members. This is commensurate to everyone’s capability. You can do this by word of mouth, and you can use our Multi-Level-Marketing Program which will do most of the work for you. Why would you even think of migrating into another country when you can earn a very lucrative income from the privacy of your own home in any part of the world you may live in (earning the value of the American dollar)? Get paid in American dollars in any part of the world you may live in from the privacy of your own home without having to migrate to America to earn the American dollar. You can convert the value of the American dollar into any currency of your choice through the digital monetary system as not to interfere with any one country’s currency.

This is an unorthodox advertising company. First, we will create a membership club of the largest group of qualified worldwide future potential buyers. We will teach our members how to earn a lucrative income through our program of the latest Multi-Level-Marketing techniques. This is easier than you think. All you have to do is follow our simple program. Those of you that will take advantage of applying our simple program to our company are the ones that will easily register the larger amount of members without much effort therefore earning more money. We then teach our members how to combine these techniques with our unique patented business algorithm by applying them to our company ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL. No marketing experience needed.

We will give out easy instructions for everyone to follow and we will do most of the work for you. We want to make sure everyone succeeds and becomes a qualified future potential buyer.

The growth of this membership will give us the leverage to bargain for deep discounts on products and services from those companies that want to advertise to our members (the largest group of worldwide qualified future potential buyers, people with $, that will be you if you follow our simple MLM program) thru one source without surreptitiously acquiring people’s personal information. We at ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL will be that one source of advertisement. That is why we want you to succeed earning money. My idea is to have an app. With a list of products at your disposal from worldwide companies that will offer the deepest discount prices to our members. When you want a product all you have to do is browse our list and buy whatever you need. This will cut down those annoying advertisment text you receive on your computer or phone. This way companies will have direct contact with customers looking to buy those specific products each company sells without surreptiously having to acquire peoples personal data to advertise to them. The benefit package included for the members of this membership club is just a plus.

This company will run accrued values to our members through the digital monetary system so as not to interfere with any ones country’s currency. All that is required from our members is persistence and determination to succeed. Our mission is to create a membership club with full benefits that will help much of the world population, not just those that can afford it. Earning money online is the new wave of the future. If only 10% of the world population register to earn money online here with Aljovoc International there will be many new millionaires. Wouldn’t you want to be one of them? Currently there are at list 3 and a half billion people at your beck and call on the internet and phone system. Our MLM program is designed to reach an exceptionally large scale of these potential prospects. They all need and want money.

A word to our skeptics, those that doubt the validity of the existence of a business structure such as ours could ever exist and tend to believe that a business structure such as ours must be a form of pyramid. This is a unique novel business structure like no other. It is just an eclectic combination of business strategies that are now in use, by banks, credit card companies, real-estate companies,, AARP company, grocery stores, mercantile stores, churches, etc. It is a combination of simplicity and organized common sense spliced together. It is designed to pay you a commission for every new member you register into the ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP CLUB and a commission everytime the members renew their membership every month. We at ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL will do everything we can to help you succeed.

Our pay scale is a designed structure of Prices, Quantities, Percentages, Benefit Levels, and Bonuses. These, all intertwined together create a novel business structure like no other giving everyone who is interested in earning money, the opportunity to do so. I will not reveal all my business structure currently nor, how my pay scale works altogether, but I will give you one example. Let us say that you, one of our members of the highest membership level enrolls a new member at the highest level. You will earn $5 for enrolling this new member and you will keep earning this commission as long as this new member keeps renewing his membership, thereafter, creating perpetual generational residual income. After you enroll 10 members I will apply our bonus increasing your commission to $12.50 for every new member you enroll and every time this new member renews his membership.

There are only 5 levels. This program is designed to have the memberships pay for themselves and help you climb to the highest level. We will automatically move you up each level if you follow our simple instructions. Now if you enroll 10 new members that month, this equals to $125 per month. For 100 new members, this equals to $1250 per month. For 1000 new members, this equals to $12,500 monthly and every month there after as long as the members continue to renew their membership. And all members will continue to renew their memberships and climb up our pay levels because they want to continue saving and earning the highest amount of money offered on our pay scale the same way you would want to earn. (This is all calculated on the highest membership level.) We will add newly registered members that do not have a sponsor to all the registered founders of ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL.

There are over 8 billion people in the world. How many do you think need and want to earn money given the opportunity to do so. (The value of the American dollar from anywhere in the world you may live in.) If all nonsponsored registered new members are divided and registered under all the registered founders of this company, how many of you think you will have a better chance of easily earning a greater amount of money. There are over 8 billion people on earth and we all need and want some form of currency to survive. All levels have different benefits and pay differently according to membership fee of enrollee and membership fee level of member doing the enrollment.

This percentages only go up as you progress. Income claims presented here are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead they are designed to give you an idea of what is very possible. This of course will not happen overnight but let us say it only takes 1 to 5 years. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Do you still want to be tied down limited to an hourly job working for someone else? Or do want to be your own boss and never be tied down or limited to another hourly job ever again. Our program is designed to give you inheritable perpetual generational income and the sky is the limit. You outline and plan your own income for the future.

ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL is not a pyramid. A pyramid’s compensation is dependent on other people to make sales for the ones at the top to get a commission. Our program is an opportunity to progress from the memberships that you sell, not any other individual’s sales. Your income is not dependent on anyone’s sales. Our payroll algorithm of prices, quantities, percentages, benefit levels, and bonuses is the source of every individual’s earned income. It is an unorthodox advertising company that teaches all our members a Multi-Level-Marketing program that can be applied to any business online. It has the same concept as that of a real estate company. A real estate salesman gets paid a commission for every house or property he sells but the commissions end there.

Our members will get paid a commission for every membership they sell and a commission will continue to be paid every time the membership is renewed every month. This is like creating your own stimulus check that will be coming in every month. This creates perpetual residual generational income, like a retirement check. Our company is the only one that does this. The only difference is that you have control of your money for your everyday expenses. You can spend it all and the balance every month will only continue to grow if you follow our simple program. This will allow a large multitude to become self-employed free lancers.

Our membership is considered tangible since it is an internet program that serves the purpose of advertising. Similar MLM programs are sold for 3 to 6 thousand dollars. Once we have enough members, we will be able to bargain for deep discounts from companies that advertise thru our company. We will then be able to offer a discount card that will be recognized worldwide good at all the companies thru out the world that advertise to the Members of ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL. Now let us look at reality. Where do you think we will be in 10 years as innovation is hurling new methods and new products at us at a very accelerated pace. We are losing a large quantity of manual labor as we speak. Machines are replacing most of our jobs. Unless we get an education overnight that will keep us from becoming obsolete we are going to lose our present jobs little by little.

We have at least 3 billion people available on instant communication thanks to the internet and phone system. I am sure that someone will invent a new system that will allow us a way to communicate to the rest of the other 5 billion people on earth instantly. All these people have needs and wants. They all need money too, to fulfill their wishes. I am offering a chance of a lifetime. Where do you want to be in 10 years? What are your plans to get there? Do not get left out. Find out how to register as a founder of this company. ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL is the door to the affluence. I cannot guarantee that I will make you the next millionaire. I can only give you the same opportunity that I am giving everyone else to become one.

I will register new members that register into our membership club without a sponsor under all our founders to assure that they will earn a very lucrative income. Example: Once you register 1000 new members at the highest level, you will be earning over $10,000 every month if the members you registered continue to renew their membership every month after that and they will because they want to save and earn money the same as you. Good luck to all of you on becoming one of our founders and God bless you all. For more information on how to become one of our founders go to the main menu and go to REGISTRATION.