Hello, my name is Mr. Jerry Ortiz Aljovoc, and I would like to give you an idea of the magnitude of this project. The most important thing is that this commercial enterprise will provide everyone worldwide the opportunity to earn an honest living. This business strategy will allow you to build generational inheritable wealth. You will be able to spend every last cent that you earn every month and continue to generate about the same amount earned that month or more the first of every following month. It is like designing your own stimulus check that will keep coming every month. No company pays you a compensation every month without working. My business strategy allows us at Aljovoc International to do so for every member by simply following our easy program. It will also turn the governments debts around, by giving the people more opportunity to earn more money therefore, creating more taxable income thru products they buy and having to provide less assistance to the needy, because there will be less people in need of government assistance. I know that no one wants to pay more taxes, but governments cannot operate without collecting revenue.  Companies will sell more products providing more jobs etc. Aljovoc benefits the whole. To this day no one in the world has figured out how a major part of the world population can work with one dollar and augment that one dollar into hundreds or even thousands of dollars within a reasonable amount of time. This is not an investment company nor is it an investment idea to create proceeds for retirement although it can be used for that. It is designed to allow everyone to use these proceeds monthly for their everyday expenses, whatever one saves is his or her choice. This is an eclectic proven variety of business strategies combined to create a novel structure that will assist everyone to progress economically. If you are one that is willing to pay $1 for worldwide discounts on goods and sevices then you are one that will make my company a success. If you want to earn a very lucrative income through Aljovoc International all you need is dogged persistence and determination.

I know that the internet is not for everyone therefore my business strategy is not for everyone. There will always be need for doctors, lawyers, nurses, warehouse personnel, airline pilots, ditch diggers and other manual work jobs. There will always be manual labor of some kind. The question is do you want to be the one doing the manuel work for others or do you want other people doing things for you? The only regrets I have been the things I did not do mainly for the lack of funds. I know that my business strategy is going to give many the opportunity to do those things that they want to do. Life is short, do not waste it. Take advantage of all the good opportunities life has to offer.

The digital monetary system is not my idea. My idea about the digital monetary system is my idea. Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” "He meant you need to break out of the conventional ways of looking at things. A work of art is one that gives a new perspective or captures a new trend in society. If you are escaping from conventional ways of thinking, you are involved in risk. The fruit of the tree may be out on a limb, but it takes courage to crawl out there and grasp it." The only way to help the world to run smoothly is to meet the needs of much of the world population. The only way to meet the people’s needs is by giving them opportunity (giving them a job) and by setting up a base pay contrived of one value so as not to interfere with any one country’s currency all paid thru our digital monetary system.

Paul–Henri Spaak, the first president of the UN General Assembly, first president of the European Parliament and one-time secretary general of NATO, is credited with making this stunning statement.

We do not need another committee. We have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man and be he God or devil, we will receive him.”

We are still waiting for this man. Well, Trump is out of the question. He is too busy trying to keep from getting impeached and now he lost the election. We do not care how much he thinks he knows our only concern is how much does he care. We face reality as it is not as it was and not as we wish it were. As of today, there has been no one that cares about the less fortunate. We have millions of people that go to bed hungry at night, homeless or dying due to lack of medical help (over 44 million here in the U.S.). This survey is per the McKinney Institute. I believe my business structure will lead to efficient and lasting solutions. I worked on this for numerous years trying to come up with a business structure that would help a great number of people. I prayed to God and studied business and read books on different businesses. I finally came up with most of these ideas thru my dreams. It might sound crazy, but it is true. I just started looking at numbers and business from the prospective of the people’s needs.

We all want to be loved, accepted, and given opportunity. I contrived this business structure with the concept of giving support and opportunity to people in every part of the world, so they can create their own cohesive plan to battle poverty and achieve success. It provides an arsenal to help you survive economically. It will enable those that need it the most to celebrate life without going to bed hungry at night for lack of economic resources. I pray my business structure opens the door to optimism and a path toward a positive life for everyone. The axiom that the world will run on one system is an unwavering fact. The world will run on one value not one currency processed thru the digital monetary system, (the power of the internet) in order as not to interfere with any one country’s revenue transactions. This business structure is designed to help much of the world population progress. Yes, the world needs change and change is coming, but we need this change to help much of the world population. Aljovoc International is working in that direction for a better tomorrow for everyone not just the ones’ that can afford it.

All this may sound crazy right now but let us look back at history. Abraham Graham Bell was told by an irate banker to “get out of his office and to take that toy with him.” That toy was the telephone. Today we know who the bigger fool was. Also, Albert Einstein stated “If an idea at first does not sound insane, it is not worth pursuing.” Our problem today is that a great many people would rather accept the certainty of misery than the uncertainty of change.

Our only preparation for the future is to peruse our technical, social, and economic environment to perceive need for innovation, new products, new services, or innovation of method. This is how we can administrate our own future. Remember things are only impossible until someone does them. I am not an idiot savant in any field of our economy, but we can all see that we need change and change is coming. Only those that are luddites deceive themselves and refuse to look at reality. Artificial intelligence is advancing at a very accelerated pace. The world as we know it is changing right before our eyes and we refuse to accept it. My business structure will be a preemptive strike against the risk of falling into a world economic depression. The problem is that I am one person, and it is hard for me to try to apprise someone and try to convince them that my business structure is simple and feasible. I used no abstruse terminology to contrive this economic structure. My business structure is an eclectic accumulation of business strategies that are being used on the market everyday that combined give much of the world population the same opportunity to progress economically without losing it, just by following a simple compensation plan. All you need is tenacious persistence and determination.

I did not contrive the digital system nor did I create Cryptocurrencies nor Block chain. These people are geniuses. I just created a program that will enable everyone worldwide the same opportunity to progress economically giving you the ablility to pass this wealth to your future generations. I created a program that will distribute money to those that need it the most not just the 1% who are the richest in the world. Instant world communication makes this possible. All my business structure does is add simplicity and organized common sense to the equation. This creates opportunity (The American Dream at your doorstep in any part of the world you may live in) for everyone. We the most necessitous people of the world population are only shown a window to the affluence, but we are not shown a door. Aljovoc gives everyone equal opportunity to open that door. Opportunity not only requires more freedom, but it gives more freedoms. If people have the means to do more, they want more.

Whether you think everyone worldwide deserves the same opportunity to progress or not, innovation of method is here to stay. The new trend of communicating instantly with anyone in any part of the world makes this possible. “Stop wishing for it. Work for it. Meet the people’s needs and you will encounter success.” This is our motto. Listed here are just some of the provisions ALJOVOC INTERNATIONAL plans to provide. Our benefit program will grow as our membership numbers grow and you the members of this club will decide what benefits we should add to our agenda. How many of you want a real health insurance that will pay for most or all of your hospital bills, doctor’s fees, prescriptions, dental care, eye care, etc., with small or no deductibles at an affordable price and that will not drop you because of a chronic illness? How can we make this possible? Simply by not making it our goal to earn a big profit from our insurance. Our goal is to help people. We are not here to take advantage of their pain and suffering.

I want to put control back in your lives. It is about time for the people to be able to afford the real necessities of life without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. How about an affordable and eventually a free education? We have a great number of intelligent people out there that cannot afford a simple education much less get a college education. We cannot afford to waste all these intelligent minds. How about our veterans, we are not giving them all the respect, care, and attention they need when they come back from serving our country? Our senior citizens need more attention and better care in every country not just in America.

How about a minimal interest fee or no interest fee on all loans from our own financial institution for all our members? The list can go on and on. I know that you have your own ideas, but we need the numbers of our membership to increase as fast as possible therefore increasing the revenue in all your accounts. All these things are possible if we work together. Alone we are one drop, together we are an ocean. Only you can keep you from progressing.

Imagine, if you are one of our founders, you will automatically be getting a percentage check of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or 7% of all the net yearly earnings (Depending on the founder level that you registered under) divided amongst all founders every fiscal year. Aljovoc International is the future of earning money online and I am sure it will be more successful then Amazon. How much money do you think you would be getting if you were getting a yearly check from Amazon of only 1% from their total net yearly earnings. Now, think, there is no company like Aljovoc International, it is the future of earning easy money online. There are over 8 billion people on earth and they all want and need money to fulfill their needs and wants. When the company grows, so will your bonus check every year? A great majority of the world population will eventually register because we are giving everyone the opportunity to earn money. It will not happen overnight, but who do you think will have a better chance of becoming the millionaries of the future. I cannot promise I will make you a millionaire. I can only promise I will give you the same chance I am giving everyone else to become one. Register now. All those that register without sponsors will be registered under the founders of this company. This alone makes your founders fee of a petty 40$ to $100 or $150 worth every penny. Do not think about it too long. You will be losing a closer position to the first registered founders. Remember this is a unique business algorithm. No one has ever come up with such an incredible business strategy. Think about the fact that the two best teachers in life are your mistakes and your failures. So, do not make the mistake of failing to register as a founder. Take advantage of this great life changing opportunity. Good luck on becoming one of the first registered members. The clock is ticking. Time is unforgiving and waits on no one. God bless you all.