The Product

Our product is a membership of the largest worldwide group of qualified future potential buyers. Your task will be to solicit new members for our club thru social networking. Yes, you will interest your family and friends to join because you want them to benefit from this, some of you will even use the old methods of soliciting your friends and family face to face or by phone, but there are a lot of MuLti-Level-Marketing programs out on the internet that one can solicit. Most people in the world want something for nothing or for the very least effort on their part, a sinecure to be concise. Aljovoc International is that and much more. Here is just an example of what anyone can earn. If you enlist 1000 new members at $1 you earn $125 or if they are at the top level and you are too. You can earn $12,500. What do you want to earn $125 or $12,500 for the same effort. And these earnings will repeat themselves every month. This is a monthly membership that has to be paid every month. Therefore, you get a commission every time the memberships are renewed. Do the math now. If you only earn $125 a month, that is still $1250 in one year for the price of one $1 and it pays for itself after you inlist 10 members. Now if you earn $12,500 a month, that would be $150,000 in one year. And you will continue to receive these earned incomes as long as everyone continues to renew their membership. Crazy right.

Everyone will have the same opportunity to earn good wealth. Aljovoc International is an unorthodox advertising company. It first creates a membership club of the largest group of future potential buyers by giving them the opportunity to earn a lucrative income thru our unique business algorithm. This business algorithm gives the most vulnerable and necessitous people of the world an opportunity to work online or offline and earn the value of the American dollar thru the digital monetary system guaranteeing that this form of payment will not interfere with anyone country’s currency. You will be earning the American dollar in any part of the world you may live in and it starts with the membership fee of $1. (The American Dream at your doorstep.) This is the main route to the future, earning an honest living from home in any part of the world you may live in, online without migrating anywhere. Will this work? You may ask. Well, why migrate anywhere when you can earn a very lucrative perpetual income from the privacy of your own home in any part of the world you may live in? Instant world communication makes this possible. How many of you would rather stay home if you could easily earn $100 to $3000 or more per week from the privacy of your own home? You will never know if this will work if you do not try.

Much of the world population will claim they do not have internet or a computer. Remember that where there is a will there is a way. You that do have internet and computers can help them by helping yourself. Soon offices will be popping up everywhere so that people can register without worrying about internet services. These will be offices of very resourceful people. This program is all about helping each other. When it is about making money, people will find a way. Everyone wants to eat, not everyone wants to hunt. A new dawn is coming. Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

The opportunity to easily and affordably earn the value of the American Dollar for performing the same task from the privacy of your own home in any part of the world is the American dream. This will create the largest most prominent and extensive worldwide group of future potential buyers giving Aljovoc International the bargaining power to acquire the largest discount prices for the best products and services companies have to offer you, our members. This should help cut down a lot of the soliciting ads from companies that pay for your personal information and it also gives companies the advantage to advertise their products to the largest worldwide group of qualified future potential buyers thru one source (us Aljovoc International) without having to surreptitiously collect personal and private data that may break privacy laws today.

This eclectic commercial enterprise is a variety of proven business strategies combined to create a novel structure that will assist the whole. All that everyone needs is persistence and determination. This is a smart business solution you cannot afford to pass up. I still kick myself in the behind for not investing a petty $100 on Amazon. Are you going to feel the same way after we launch this company when it is too late for you to become a front runner of our company (Aljovoc International) for such a petty amount of money that can change the way you live the rest of your life? Let me show you how important it is for you to become a founder of our company now. Aljovoc International will pay a bonus at the end of every fiscal year of 1% to 7% (depending into which founder level you enroll) of its net yearly earnings divided by the founders of this company (the first 200,000 founder positions).

Our goal is to enroll 100 million members of future potential buyers to give us bargaining power to acquire deep discounts of products and services from companies for our members. (Our long-term goal is to enroll over 1 billion members.) Memberships start at $1 making this a total of $100 million per monthly memberships. (This is a low figure. Everyone wants to make the big bucks so they will be paying for the big membership package of $100 that has more benefits). Remember this membership is designed to pay for itself and climb up to the highest level if you follow our simple instructions). The net profit should be easily over three quarter of this, multiplied by your founder level divided by 200,000 multiplied by 12. Do the math, $40 to $150 dollars is a petty investment that could change the way you live. It will not happen overnight, but let us say it only takes one to five years to get there. Where do you want to be in five years? Today people pay $50 - $100 for discount cards alone with no other benefits and for a limited amount of company discounts. It will only cost $1 to receive discounts from companies all over the world thru our membership club saving many of you up to or over $100 per month.

Let me reiterate. To make this affordable to more people our company will be offering founder positions of $40, but it will only pay a bonus of 1% of the net yearly profit. We will also be giving founder positions of $60 but it will only pay a bonus of 2% of the net yearly earnings. We will also be offering founder positions of $80 that will only pay 3% of the net yearly earnings and of course the $100 position that will pay 4% of the net yearly earnings and $150 for 7% of the net yearly earnings. All these bonuses will be divided by 200 thousand total founders. The net profit will be multiplied by the percentage position taken by those individuals then divided by the total of 200 thousand founders.

Relax, we have your back.

Focus on what we are offering here. Aljovoc International is offering you a chance to become a founder of this company at a low fee of $40, $60, $80, $100 and $150. This small investment entitles you to a front runner position of the company. This also entitles you to your first month’s membership fee of the highest level for the first month. There are at least 8 billion people worldwide and we all need and want money. Three and one half billion of those people are already at your beck and call on the internet and the phone system. You will have instant communication with millions of people on the internet. Being a front runner means that you will be one of the first that will have new members that do not have sponsors added to your account plus all the ones that you recruit. Do not confuse this 40$ to $150 founder fee to the membership fee. You can register as a member for $1 after your first free month and climb up the ladder as our membership club does it for you automatically as the quantity of members added to your membership add up? Payment consists of a commission paid to each member for each new member they enroll or that we enroll for you by following our compensation plan.

We will also pay you a monthly commission for every member enrolled under you that renews his membership every month, making this infinite generational monthly income. This means that if you only earned $100 on the first month, you really earned $1200 for the year. Imagine what that means as your monthly earnings grow. Do the math yearly now (infinitly). What an investment for $1. The founder’s fee assures you will be one of the first to accumulate new members without sponsors. All founders will be registered in sequence of their registration and quantity of their founder level, starting with larger amounts first. New members without sponsors will be added to their accounts according to that sequence and percentage of their level. The sooner you register, the closer you will be to the top contenders making it possible for the membership fee to pay for itself. The more members that you enroll, the more money you will earn. This is residual perpetual generational inheritable income earned monthly, infinitely. I will repeat again that there will also be other bonuses added to your account such as a 1% to 7% of the net yearly earnings depending on what founder level you registered under, divided among all the founders, every fiscal year infinitely. Think about how much money that would be if we hit our quota of 100 million members. Just at $1 is (the net of profit of 100 million) divided by 200,000 imagine that, for each founder. The net profit of that is not that far off. I am low balling this. The truth is that everyone is going to try to advance to the $100 package. Do you want to earn big money or just get by, 5% of $1 is 5 cents, and 5% of $100 is $5? How much do you want to earn, 5 cents or $5 for each enrollee you bring in (with bonus this totals $12.50 per enrollee). I am sure that everyone else wants to earn the big money too.

Our membership is scalable to allow everyone a chance to progress and the scale will only go up (in percentage) and pay more. Therefore, we start with a membership fee of $1. We offer equal opportunity to those who need it the most. So, let us say that we average at $50 for all 100 million members per month. Now the total comes to $5 billion. Do the math now. Multiply that by 7%, then divide that by 200,000. Remember that this is perpetual money meaning that these memberships are paid every month. That means that this numbers are multiplied by 12 months. Think $150 may seem like a lot of money now but 1% will make a lot of difference when we pay out bonuses. I also plan to add to the total net earnings anything else the company earns from our other streams of income we are implementing. Multiply that by your founder level and then by 12 months for a total. That will just be a bonus for that year without counting how much you earned thru our compensation plan for that year. All those earnings for just a one-time founders fee of 40$, $60, $80, & $100 or $150 (Our goal is 100 million members for the first year, but there will be more, people know a good thing when they see it). Our long term goal is over a billion members. You can become a founder for 40$, $60, $80, $100, or $150 then pay the membership for $1 after your first free month for the founder fee and let the company upgrade your membership as your earnings grow. You can register all your loved ones and they can all earn money for life.

Another bonus that will be added to your account is a 50% incentive of your earnings times 3 for that month every month as a bonus. (Monthly earnings divided by 2 x 3 + your earnings for that month = your total earnings for that month every month. This will automatically be engaged when you register the first 10 members and over. The idea is to give everyone a chance to earn real wealth, not pennies. How many companies do this now? Would you be happy if the company you work for now took your total earnings for that month divided it by 2 then multiplied that total by 3 then added this amount to your monthly wages for that month and every month after that? Here at Aljovoc we will do that. That is just another reason people will become members of Aljovoc International. I am not going to reveal my payroll structure at this time. I can only tell you that I made it quite simple for everyone to earn a very lucrative income. I will give you a gist of what that means. This means that if you enrolled 10 new members at the top level for the month and depending on variations of our payroll plan you could earn $125 with bonus included for that one month. Now if you enrolled 100 new members for that month you could earn $1,250 with bonus included. For 1000 new members enrolled this could mean that you earned $12,500 (this is calculated monthly and is dependent on the membership level you are in and the membership level of your enrollees.)

Income claims presented here are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they are designed to give you an idea of what is very possible. There are at least 8 billion people on earth, and we all want and need some form of revenue to progress and get the things that we need and want. I have made it extremely easy for those that are interested in earning money legally to be able to do so. Just pay your taxes in any part of the world you may be in so that you do not get in trouble with your government. I have not contracted celebrities to put the word out on my business. These people are already wealthy and have many followers. One informative tweet from them as members of this club would bring many of their devoted followers to register and earn them millions monthly. I want you that are like me, not wealthy nor anywhere near being wealthy to get the first chance to become wealthy. Just imagine Shakira has over 92 million followers on tweeter. All she would have to do is register as a $150 package membership and pay a $100 membership and just send out one informative tweet talking about the benefits of our company and if only 10% of her followers registered, she could earn over a million dollars per month if all her enrollees continued to pay their memberships and they will because they want to earn money the same as you. Just one tweet. Imagine that.

There is a limit of 200,000 founders, no more currently. Tell all your family and friends. This is a one-time offer. Money may not be everything in life, but we all have different needs and wants. You can never have too much money and you can never have too much fun. The faster that we meet our quota of founders the quicker we will be able to open for business and the sooner you can start earning real wealth. It is your choice; just remember you will live the consequence if you miss out on this offer of a lifetime as I missed out on the chance to invest in Amazon. This is a game changer for everyone not just those that can afford it. Those of you that really must scratch from the bottom of the barrel to come up with this founder fee are the ones that need to become founders to change your lifestyle. This is bigger than Amazon because we teach and help you earn real wealth thru our compensation plan. We do not just offer you discounts. We offer you opportunity to earn Generational Inheritable Wealth.