For those of you that do not like to get into much detail. I will try to explain the objectives of this company in as few words as possible. This is an unorthodox advertising company. We will first create a membership club of the largest group of worldwide future potential buyers. We will allow our members to earn a very lucrative income thru our business strategy combined with our unique payroll algorithm, when applied to our company Aljovoc International. No marketing experience needed. We will then pay you for following our simple compensation plan that only requires registering new members. The growth of this membership will give us the leverage to bargain for deep discounts on products and services from worldwide companies that want to advertise to our members without surreptitiously acquiring people’s personal information. We at Aljovoc International will be that one source of advertisement. The benefit package that is included for our members is just a plus (worldwide company discounts, we will work on an affordable medical insurance, our own banking system etc.).

The main benefit that no other company offers is a membership with a unique payroll algorithm and a business strategy that helps every member earn residual generational inheritable wealth. This is passive income. This is money that each member earns and will only continue to grow through our unique business strategy. You can spend every cent that you earned that month and your balance for the next month will only continue to grow and renew itself at the beginning of every month just by renewing your membership every month and following a simple business program created by Mr. Aljovoc. Imagine that. You read this right the first time. Let me give you an example of what that means so that there are no misunderstandings. Ex: Let us say I am your boss at your present workplace. Now just for your understanding let us imagine you earned $4000 that month and you took it home and spent all of it on your everyday necessities. If you follow my simple instructions to the letter the $4000 dollars would be paid to you again on the first of the month and it would only continue to grow by just registering more members. Your original balance of $4000 will renew itself and grow by enlisting more members and by our business strategy at work. After you enlist 10 new members the membership fee will pay for itself on the 1st level. This is not a joke. This is a business algorithm I developed through observation, simplicity, and organized common sense. All money institutions use a similar form of structure, but they keep the gains to themselves. This is not an overnight get rich scheme. This is like creating your own stimulus check every month without depending on your government for a handout. You design your own monthly check a little or a lot at a time. Some of us will progress faster than others. This is an international opportunity. Do not just dream and wish for it. Work for it. All you must do is recruit new members and I will pay you a commission for each member you enlist and continue to pay you a commission every month when the member renews his membership. The rest is just left to my business structure. It is all legal. Money institutions do this all the time, but they keep all the Proceeds.

This is the American Dream for many worldwide. Everyone will have the opportunity to earn the American dollar from their own home in any part of the world they may live in. This system will run accrued values through the digital monetary system so as not to interfere with any one country’s currency. All that is needed on your part is persistence and determination to succeed. So, why migrate into any other country when you can earn a very lucrative income from the privacy of your own home in any country you may live in. Our mission is to create a membership club with full benefits that will help much of the world population, not just those that can afford it. Nothing can stop us except ourselves by not even trying. I am offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to become a founder of this company. Earning money online is the new wave of the future and Aljovoc International is the door to the affluence. I cannot guarantee that I will make you the next millionaire, but I can give you the same opportunity that I am giving everyone else.

This company is in it's intial stages. This will be the peoples company once you the people become founders. Your proceeds will create this company from the ground up. And a percentage of the company yearly earnings will be paid to each founder every fiscal year depending on which founder level you register under. With the coronavirus threatening our economy and our livelihood what are we to do to sustain ourselves if we are forced into isolation. Our government is encouraging everyone to work from home. Are you prepared to take on such a task? What kind of work will you do from home? Will you be able to earn enough money working on any other projects that are out there to support yourself and your family without leaving the privacy of your own home? Aljovoc International will give you the opportunity to do so and may well be the next successful company like Amazon. You cannot afford to miss this great opportunity.

Aljovoc International is the tsunami of the future of earning money online. Every once in a decade society takes on a new trend. Today earning money online is the new wave of the future. This is a dog-eat-dog world and there are always hurdles to jump and obstacles in the way of success. We have winners and we have losers. Each one of us is to blame for whatever category we fit into for we are there due to our life’s choices. A lot of us have not had the same opportunities that others have had. Therefore, we cannot afford to pass up good opportunities that innovation is hurling at us in a very accelerated pace. We must face reality as it is and the fact that to succeed, we all must make sacrifices. That is the reason that I am making it affordable for many to become founders of this company if they choose to become one. Our intent is to help as many of you solve your economic problems. We have chosen two of the main problems of the world, the lack of opportunity to earn enough money for everyday sustenance and the lack of an affordable medical insurance. The objective of Aljovoc International is to give everyone an equal opportunity to progress economically and afford adequate medical care which is something that every human being should not be deprived of.

I cannot enrich the whole world, but I can give everyone the same equal opportunity to do so themselves. This company is in its initial stages, and we are looking for people that want to be founders and want front runner positions with our company. Let me clarify that this is not a pyramid nor is it another crazy scheme out to take your money. This is a registered LLC company that will allow you to earn money from home in any part of the world you may live in without an Ivy League education and you will earn a very lucrative income by following our simple business techniques. Why would anyone be interested in joining our company? To start we are proposing to create a world renown membership club that will get you a discount off products or services from worldwide companies for just one dollar. We are also working on providing an affordable health insurance that is not only affordable but will gradually grow from the U. S. of America and expand coverage worldwide. Together we can accomplish this task. This is an exceptionally large task, but one that we can accomplish together. The numbers are there and those that have health insurance are paying an exceedingly high price for it and their insurance does not cover all their costs. There is also the fact that you will be earning a lucrative income if you follow our easy compensation plan making it possible for you to pay the premium of such an insurance. Barbara Mikulski stated, “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.” Impossible! You may say. I cannot stress enough the fact that there is nothing impossible in this world except the things that you tell yourself you cannot do without even trying. Give yourself a chance. Take the time to read this opportunity of a lifetime that I am offering.

Successful people know that there is nothing impossible in this world. Things are only impossible until someone does them. You need to know what you want to accomplish and where you want to be in the future. You need a goal. Change scares most people and innovation is advancing at a very accelerated pace. Our main concern should be the here and now. This is the true locus of our control. We all have one thing in common. We all bear the burden of the past, the uncertainty of the future, and the fear of death. Therefore, our imagination and opinions are among the things we have control over. Our happiness and unhappiness are only elements of our imagination and opinion. So, let us look at reality. Artificial intelligence is taking over a major part of the manual work we do, catching many of us ill prepared to make a transition. No company or government is ready to help us take that next step to keep us from being replaced by robots rendering us obsolete. Someone once said, “If we want to beat artificial intelligence, we have to become part of them.” Meaning we must become cyborgs, maybe soon, but not today.

Here at Aljovoc International we believe you must make the right choices now and not pass up good business opportunities. How many of you invested money in Amazon? I did not. I told myself that no one was going to waste their time and money ordering products over the internet when they could easily go to the mall and buy the things that they needed, try them on if they had need to, with no waiting time for these products to arrive. This to me was the same concept of the catalog business. Now malls are closing shop all over the country. That is the power of the internet. Amazon offered discounts and home delivery and they became a billion-dollar company. There is a catalog in every house that has a computer. Our objective is to provide deeper discounts and give everyone the opportunity to earn money, the value of the American dollar, from any part of the world they may live in. They discovered the same thing we did. It is a numbers game. You do not target a level of income, you target large numbers, and you will meet your goal. Like with any successful company, the first 200,000 people that invested at least $100 in Amazon back then are earning real wealth. We at Aljovoc International teach you how to earn real generational inheritable wealth online and give you the opportunity to do so thru our company by simply enlisting new members into our membership club. Great benefits and discounts will come later as our membership grows with time. Our business solution opportunity may not be for everyone. There are some of you that do not like change, and you will stick to your old ways of doing things. These people believe that working the 40-hour week the rest of their lives limited to a fixed income is the only solution to progression. That is the tried-and-true way of the blue-collar worker that President Trump keeps promising to bring back. One hundred Trumps cannot stop the advancement of artificial intelligence. To you that agree with that, I wish you well. To everyone else, let me tell you that you do not have to change your daily routine to follow the steps of Aljovoc International. Our compensation plan will only take a few minutes of your time and you can do this at your convenience at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. Keep your present job if you have one and resume doing your customary daily activities. If you do not have a job this is the perfect solution to help you progress economically. Your task will be to enlist new members and you will be paid a commission for every member you enlist plus a commission every time the new member renews his membership; this makes it perpetual residual inheritable income. Become a founder by joining now and just follow our simple easy instructions on your own time .


Unless you understand the principles and dynamics of any business you will not be able to see its value and real potential. Our solution to your financial problems is to give you a task that is equal to everyone’s capability and to pay you for performing this simple task (recruiting new members). Our solution for your medical expenses is to provide an affordable health insurance that will pay for most medical costs, and you will be able to afford such a health insurance by joining our membership and earning enough income through us to afford such an insurance. We will be working with insurance companies trying to make this possible. Our insurance will start here in the United States of America and gradually expand worldwide with your help. We have the algorithmic business strategy that works through social networking. I am working on an idea for social networking that everyone can mimic. This is the same concept that a trucking company uses to employ truck drivers. They establish a truck driving school that teaches people to drive a truck properly and safely the way the company wants their equipment to be driven and does not charge them for attending the school and getting a CDL license, if these new drivers drive the company’s trucks afterwards. As I stated, we will assist and pay you to apply our algorithmic business strategy to our company Aljovoc International. We too want to teach you the right way to succeed all thru our algorithmic compensation plan. Our instructions will be simple and clear. Continue to read and you will be surprised how easy it is to do this and earn real wealth, not pennies like with other companies. I need you to earn real wealth otherwise our company will fail. Our success is on the line, contingent on your success. Jackie Mutcheson stated, “It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.” Please continue